Lady Teeth No.1


From Taryn...
"Lady Teeth was my first attempt at making a 24 Hour Zine Thing zine. It's a 24 page, B&W, 1/4 sized zine about family & love, about living a weird nomadic life & trying to convince my former self to keep her head up. Lady Teeth is a time capsule to my future self showing where I've been."

From Lady Teeth No.1:
"It's exciting when you realize you aren't a complete fuck up & sometimes things that happen in your life didn't happen entirely because you suck. For so many years I thought everything was my fault. I was so hard on myself (I still am) & so hard on everyone else (I try not to be) when I finally realized sometimes the universe just has other plans for you.

I've spent a lot of time trying to understand why things happened the way they did in my life, trying to pin-point where I went wrong or whatever when really, some stuff was out of my hands (my marriage). Not that I don't take responsibility for my life & my actions but I realize now that the saying "everything happens for a reason" isn't complete bullshit."

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