Lady Teeth No.4


From Taryn...
"Lady Teeth No.4 is about relationships, not just those of a romantic nature but friendships & family too. It's about traveling & spending time with people who 'get you' & about living side by side with people who might not. It's about the complications of maintaining friendships when you sometimes have trouble maintaining your own emotional stability. This issue also has a follow-up to the 'Radical Act of Self-Care & Learning to Love Yourself' which is my guide to feeling better & surviving. It's about staying sober in order to stay ok. It's about living up to everyone's expectations while letting yourself down & how you can fight that feeling.

This zine is intense, maybe triggering. It's about death & abuse, love & survival. It's quarter letter & 40 pages. I tried to be honest, to write from my heart. I'm not perfect, neither is my heart. But this zine is an attempt to work through shit that is happening in my life, my head, my heart."

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