Lady Teeth No.5


From Taryn...
"It's 1/4 legal & 30 text heavy pages of miserable heartache with a glimmer of hope. It's a breakup zine mostly but it's also about San Francisco & Ladies Rock Camp. This zine is about people in my life dying & going off my meds. It's about Internet dating & falling for heavily tattooed babes from up north."

From Lady Teeth No.5...
"We were making plans but I wasn't sure if they were real life or some sort of charming fantasy to pull me in. I ignored the nagging feeling that I was getting lost in a premature fantasy of a life that I wanted but wouldn't actually get. But I let myself enjoy it. I would make the forty minute drive to his house & he would make me dinner. We would eat outside by candlelight, listening to records on his portable record player, sitting as close to each other as we could. We would fall asleep tangled in each other's arms & wake up exactly the same way. I would think about that farm & this dude & I was excited again over the idea of falling in love".

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