Lady Teeth No.8


From Taryn...
"What is Lady Teeth No.8?

Lady Teeth No.8 started as the follow-up to my 2013 memoir, 'Heavy Hangs the Head' but then it became something different. People kept asking when I would write another book but I couldn't live up to those expectations & anyway, I'm a zine maker not a book writer. This zine is about falling in love with BMX & the way my body moves when I ride. It's about falling in love with everything (it's always about falling in love) & allowing myself to experience an emotional existence without shame. It's a love letter to nature & the magnificence of it all. It's about feeling completely connected to the universe & the bliss that brings. It's what it means to become the kind of person who uses words like 'bliss' to describe their life. It's about getting sober & staying sober & how I do that. It's unapologetically positive. I hope you like it."

32 pages/quarter legal size

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