Barcode Raffle for Joe Rich


Kevin Garwood has very kindly decided to raffle off a one-off 2002 Barcode, with all the proceeds going towards helping Joe with his medical bills.

20.625" TT
1-1/8" Press Fit HT
Euro BB (the first Barcode with a Euro BB)
Triple cable guide
Made by Maas
The dropouts have been cut down. See the photos.

Once you purchase your ticket(s) you'll be emailed a code for each one. The raffle will run for 6 weeks (ending the 13th of October).

***PLEASE NOTE: The postage to wherever in the world you live will be paid by the winner. The frame's located in the UK, but there's the possibility that it can be sent from the US instead, if that's cheaper.

If you've any questions about the frame contact Kev at