Lady Teeth No.3 / Jami Sailor's Your Secretary No.15


This zine is a split between Lady Teeth No.3 & Jami Sailor's Your Secretary No.15.

From Taryn...
"Lady Teeth No.3 is about going on a zine tour & what that is like for someone with brutal anxiety. It's about dealing with depression & self-doubt when all you want is to feel hopeful. It's about having a heart full of good intentions but being fucked over by your own survival skills. This issue of Lady Teeth is just as honest & raw as the last two.


Your Secretary No.15 is so good it makes me so thrilled to have it be the other side of my first split. Jami writes about what it feels like to constantly try to believe in the good intentions of others while not questioning your own intentions but trusting yourself. Jami is an 'extreme extrovert' & yet, I feel like our brains are so similar, we just process in opposite ways which makes this zine that much more interesting. This zine is about the struggle of writing, of dealing, of living."

40 pages / quarter letter / made with love

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